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Individual Pension Analysis


 We provide a personalized complimentary review of your specific pension.  This is where we “Show You the Math” which allows you to make the best decision possible regarding your plan. 

Educational Seminars


We have an intensely strong “why” regarding pension education.  We share this in all of  our educational presentations to school districts, police and fire departments, and offices of county, state, and federal employees.  

Community Outreach


From hosting BBQ’s and cookouts for educators, providing scholarships to school districts, and supporting charitable events in our communities, we are committed to outreach and giving back.  

Our "Why" is Our Passion


The SynergyPhD Story

“Poor, Hungry, and Determined” has been Michael Hosford’s attitude his whole life. He’s used this “PhD” to overcome an extremely difficult home-life and found SynergyPhD along with co-founders Alex Pina and Kurt Marozas. His passion to help is real, having been taken in by an educator’s family at 14 years of age and witnessing this educator being convinced to give up her guaranteed pension for life by an unscrupulous advisor. As a result, Michael has spent his entire career doing all he can to help those in the service fields with specific, math-based pension education so this never happens to anyone again and they are able to get their pension-planning 100% right. Our SynergyPhD company is founded on this “Why” and this determined desire to help is shared by each and every SynergyPhD specialist.

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